Meet the Doctors & Staff

Meet Dr. JoAnn Giesenhaus • Chiropractor

Dr. JoAnn believes in unleashing the passion within you, alleviating your pain and helping you reach your goals to maintain an all-out healthy lifestyle. Dr. JoAnn’s primary goal is to awaken your senses and help you feel great and pain-free.

Core Wellness Center offers hope and new beginnings to the community through greater depths of healing. By educating our patients about proper nervous systems function, we believe every person can have a life of healthy human performance. Chiropractic lifestyle offers individuals the ability to empower their lives and enhance their wellness.


Core Wellness Center was founded with passion and purpose to help as many people as possible by using unique alternative healing methods. Some of these methods are Instrument adjusting(no popping, cracking or twisting), alkaline water, whole food nutrition and many others practices that are specific for your given condition. We are here to empower the community locally and globally by addressing your specific needs.


  • Life University, Marietta, GA Doctorate of Chiropractic, 1996
  • Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles, CA Physiotherapy Certificate, 1995
  • Montclair University, Montclair, NJ Bachelor of Science, 1991


  • New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
“My purpose as a doctor is to share my knowledge, skills and passion for healing with as many people as possible, to help transform their lives by empowering them with the tools and motivation for better health and wellness.” – Dr. JoAnn Giesenhaus
Laurie Haag

Meet Laurie Haag • Chiropractic Assistant

Laurie was born and raised in Little Falls, New Jersey and has been a Chiropractic patient since the age of 3. She worked with her husband in his chiropractic facility for over 16 years and learned of all the health benefits of Chiropractic, massage, nutrition, and overall healthy lifestyle. She is proud to be a member of the Core Wellness Team, who always put their patients care and well-being first in a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Meet Beatrice Carter – Chiropractic Assistant  

Bea has been a resident of Little Falls for over 15 years, where she lives with her husband and 3 children. Bea is passionate about community, friends, and most of all family. She’s an active volunteer for her children’s sports and Purple Stride NJ, which seeks to prevent and raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer. She loves to travel, go hiking, gardening, and yoga.  She enjoys helping people on their journey to better health at the Core Wellness Center.

Leanne Barbieri

Meet Leanne Barbieri • Certified Massage Therapist

I went to American Institute in Clifton, NJ for Massage Therapy and am a very proud mother to a beautiful little girl. Massage has always held an important place in my life due to being an athlete, it helped me with recovery from injuries as well as pre-game anxiety. Helping people experience massage really benefits because you get relaxation and healing all in one. That is something I’ve  always wanted to put out to the world.

Meet Carol Mueller • Chiropractic Assistant

Carol grew up in Wayne and resides in Bloomingdale. She’s worked in the Chiropractic/Holistic field for the past 31 years. She was a High School, Collegiate and USTA competitive tennis player and has continued playing tennis, running, hiking, working out, etc., (a very active lifestyle). “I credit proper nutrition, supplementation and regular Chiropractic adjustments for keeping me healthy and injury free. I’m blessed to be a member of the Core Wellness team, helping our patients to achieve vital health through Chiropractic.”

Annette Aviles – Reiki Teacher and Practitioner 

As a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Annette utilize Reiki to clear, straighten, and heal the energy pathways, allowing the life force (Prana) to flow in a healthy a natural way. Supporting the body’s natural ability to heal and working on the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual body aspects of yourself. Annette is also certified 200RYT, yoga teacher and in her classes, she uses multiple holistic techniques to achieve the Mind, Body, and Spirit connections for greater well being. Singing bowls, drumming, crystal bowls, essential oils & incense, meditation, body movements, and light touch therapies are some of the tools Annette uses in raising the body’s frequencies. Promoting a state of relaxation and reducing stress.

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