Diagnostic Imaging in Little Falls, NJ

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Diagnostic Imaging Allows Dr. JoAnn Giesenhaus To Look Inside The Body For Clues About A Medical Condition

Diagnostic Imaging in Little Falls, NJ: Diagnostic imaging allows us to take live motion pictures of the spine and body. Patients can interact with Dr. Giesenhaus while viewing their image. This means that patients can get an overview on how we will improve the aches and pains associated with their individual conditions.

Improve Patient Outcomes With Diagnostic Imaging At Core Wellness Center In Little Falls

We use the diagnostic imaging to help identify where subluxations, or misalignments of the spine, can be creating unhealthy muscle activity. Subluxations disturb nerve activity, causing an abnormal amount of electrical flow to the muscles. This can be associated with other developing health challenges as persistent stress can alter nervous system control . The diagnostic imaging at our clinic calculates these imbalances within the spine which assists our chiropractors when they adjust their patients and provides for increased accuracy in diagnosis and improved treatment outcomes.

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