Alkaline Water in Little Falls, NJ

Change Your Water…Change Your LIFE!

Alkaline Water in Little Falls, NJ

What Is Kangen Alkaline Water?

Kangen is a Japanese word meaning “Return to Origin”. The Kangen Water System at Core Wellness Center helps to change the pH level of our drinking waters. It utilizes titanium plates with electricity to ionize water passing through it to either increase or decrease the pH level of the water. Drinking liquids that are acidic tend to oxidize the body and create free radicals. However, when consuming liquids with an alkaline pH level, you’re able to counteract the negative effects of acidic living.

Are You Overly Acidic?

When the body is acidic it latches on to heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which create high oxidative stress further acidifying the body. If you exhibit one or more of the following, your tissues, cells, and interstitial fluids have a high probability of being overly acidic:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • A pessimistic outlook on life
  • Lack of energy
  • Frequent colds, flue, allergies and other respiratory ailments
  • Joint pain, stiffness and arthritis
  • Chemical sensitivities or fibromyalgia
  • Long-term medical problems like high blood pressure, auto-immune disorders, cancer, heart disease, diabetes or inflammation

Bring Your Body Back To Natural Health With The Kangen Water System At Core Wellness Center

Core Wellness Center has the Kangen Water System available for you to test out. Stop by to try the water and to speak to Dr. JoAnn Giesenhaus about how you can use this system to bring your body back to natural health.

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